New talent management company, Fenix Down takes flight with a mission to provide more focused management services to a diverse group of talented content creators in the video game industry.

SAN DIEGO (Dec. 2020) – Fenix Down announces today the launch of a new management company for prominent content creators in the video game industry. The founding team consists of former staff of the now-defunct Online Performers Group. They bring with them nearly a decade of combined experience working with content creators in the space.

Fenix Down rises from the ashes of what was once one of the most prominent talent management companies in gaming. Fenix Down CEO, Janessa Christine claims that the company’s mission is to better represent the interests of content creators in the influencer marketing industry.

“We at Fenix Down want to empower creators with confidence regarding their business affairs with a team they trust. We also feel that the gaming industry needs change. More transparency, accountability, and minority representation in leadership is a positive step forward.”

Fenix Down’s initial funding is being provided by investors and partial owners, Rare Drop, a multifaceted media and entertainment company best known for the creation of the Gaming Community Expo (GCX), Florida’s premier annual gaming convention. Additionally, as part of the company’s “For Creators, by Creators” mission statement, Fenix Down’s Board of Directors will be composed of a combination of respected streamers and industry professionals.

Fenix Down provides their clients with management services including, but not limited to:

  • Business management for branded sponsorships

  • Email correspondence and management

  • Data Analysis

  • Consulting regarding brand identity and marketing

  • Booking and schedule organization

  • Professional Support regarding Invoices, DMCAs, trademarks, and other legal logistics

  • Career guidance, day-to-day business, and emotional support

About Fenix Down

Fenix Down is a talent management company based out of San Diego, CA. Their focus is on representing a diverse group of content creators in the video game industry. The opening roster at launch consists of 17 content creators across Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. More information regarding Fenix Down can be found via their website,, or by sending an email to

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